Friday, August 28, 2009

Mermaid gets itchy feet - Fancy News!

The Mermaid who has quietly resided on the Black River for some years now is thinking of moving. When asked, she told Bongo that " … I came here years ago, originally just to visit some old friends, nymphs and sprites mainly, who chose to live in Vermont because the landscape is so like Greece used to be, in the good old days before the trees were all felled and the springs vanished. The trip up the Connecticut River was something of a challenge, but delightful, and when I took a left on the Black River and found the Precision Valley, I fell in love right away ... ".
She is contemplating a move to visit with dear friends in sunnier climes, to feast there on the last of the blue crabs and oysters, before they go extinct.
She will miss Springfield, Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons and Jewel of the Upper Valley, but leaves behind a little of herself.
No nymphs or water sprites were available for comment, but Pan and the local resident population of Mallard ducks had a few things to say, which will be the subject of another posting at another time.