Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alumni Parade Pleases Happy Crowds - Springfield Vermont

Today's Parade was another great event in the Summer of 2010, a great time was had by all.

Hats made a joyful appearance everywhere

Impalas were making grown men drool visibly

Otherwise modest work vehicles took center stage

mystery lurked

BBQ was under control

the ghosts were friendly and handsome

the carnival food was in brilliant form

Everyone was in full character and having a ball

Tailgate parties started as soon as the automobile conga line came to a halt

The world-renowned Springfield Community Players were in attendance spreading clown-based mayhem and merriment.

Many handsome autos were delighted to provide backdrops for festive perching

Gilligan's Island had it's full complement of Gingers

And there was a surprise for everyone!

Yes indeed, today's Parade was another great event in the Summer of 2010, a great time was had by all.

Fancy News - Springfield Vermont's annual SHS Alumni Parade is on!

Preparations are in place!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Preparing for the Parade? Please note the following details ...

Everyone is busy readying for the Event - Springfield Vermont's Springfield High School Alumni Association will present the 56th Annual Alumni Day tomorrow, Saturday, June 26, 2010. Brush-up your fez, polish that antique fender, and charge your camera batteries, tomorrow's parade will be a corker.

Attendees and visitors will be glad to know the following informal, unofficial, but probably accurate information.

On the morning of the Parade, at 1000 HOURS, ALL southbound traffic on Route 106 and westbound traffic on Route 11 WILL be shut down, in preparation of the Parade commencing at 1030 hours. The only exception will be those motorists needing to drop someone off that will be in the Parade.

The Parade will start this year on Clinton Street by the former Bryant Grinder Corporation Facility. The Parade will then proceed west from Clinton Street and will continue onto Main Street. The Parade will then continue on Main Street, onto River Street. The Parade will then continue out River Street, and will turn towards Chester Road. The Parade will then end at Riverside Middle School.

Cars approaching from North Springfield will detour around the Parade route in the following manner: Turn onto Mill Road, to Main Street, to Elm Street, to Fairground Road, to Chester Road, to Park Street, to Union Street, to South Street, to Seavers Brook Road, to Route 11.

Cars approaching from Route 11 heading west will follow the above routes in opposite order of the above to get around the Parade route.

Parking will involve a little walking to the Parade route, no matter where you leave the car, but if you park on Mineral Street you get to walk over Comptu Falls, and if you arrive early you may get a space on Main Street or Clinton Street before they are closed off.

Avoid the rush, arrive early to peruse the offerings at the Springfield Community Market in the parking lot between McKinley's Restaurant and Chittenden Bank, in the heart of Springfield, Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons, and Jewell of the Upper Valley.

While you're here for the Parade, don't forget, there is the Springfield High School Association Alumni fun at Riverside Middle School, the Open House at No. Springfield's North School, and Family Day at Precision Valley Fish & Game's target range in Perkinsville!
See this link for more event info, from the Springfield High School Alumni Association.

Who says there's no fun in Vermont?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Springfield Vermont on a recent rainy Spring day.

A lawn that always looks good, always looks great in the rain. Springfield has many fine lawns, and they really shine in the short interval before the trees leaf out.

Happy Summer Solistice!

Summer is here for sure when you see the Berry Man setting up for business.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Edgar May Health and Recreation Center by the Black River - Springfield, Vermont

Springfield Vermont is by now known to have a fine facility in the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center, but it takes a visit to enjoy the hidden secret of the setting along the Black River, where the friendly and helpful staff has gone to great lengths to keep the lawns and riverside a well-manicured garden - a delightful walk between the entrance and the parking lot.
The reader who has no other interest should take the time this Summer to visit the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center, to appreciate the building's details like the impressive solar array, but also to try the Adirondack chairs outside that are set up to enjoy the rush of fresh clean water of the Black River of Vermont, just be sure to bring a friend to help you up again!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Springfield Vermont now has a Farmer's Market! - Fancy News!

A Farmer's Market, a Community Market to be exact, to take place in the open air on Saturdays in the warm months in the parking lot between McKinley's Restaurant and Chittenden Bank, has been established in Beautiful Downtown Springfield Vermont, Jewel of the Upper Valley! - what could be dandier? Well, here they are, complete with a nice website - - thanks to all the volunteers who are making a real contribution to Springfield's wickedly potential-filled downtown.

High time too. And it arrives as something of a surprise, it appears that movement towards this day was brisker than anyone now can imagine, considering the great rafts of old logs that may have had to have been traversed first in the attempt to wrestle and shoehorn a new idea into the dusty arena. Indeed, the proposal for the market was funded in March, and plans were drawn up, with a mighty fine result that has every possibility of taking on a life of it's own.

The opening of the Springfield Community Market in lovely downtown Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights, was last Saturday, attended by many who agree and call it a truly festive event. Everyone enjoyed especially the great live music provided by George Ainley on Fiddle, Julie Levy on Ukelele, Steve Matusha on Guitar, and Barbara Burns on a large, fulsome and rich-toned stringed instrument that stood about as tall as she did. The crowd was further entertained and teased up to a salivating frenzy by the culinary magic of Jason Tostrup, popular local chef, who taught the riveted audience how to make the best Spring Rolls this side of the Mekong.

The rain on this fine June morning did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the small but growing group of well-wishers and friends, shoppers and day-trippers, and of course the vendors and volunteers themselves took the ducklische weather in stride as good practice for the busy times to come.

The farmers and other vendors of goods or purveyors of other services or experience-based productions were themselves out in force, with a small but choice range of offerings, certainly unfazed by the weather and every one of them ready with a cogent pitch and reams of information about their products. Among them, Peter Hingston and family were there displaying a fine array of their own brand "Vicky Day's Preserves"from their Cherry Hill Farm, Katie from Two Ponds Pottery in Mt. Holley displayed a warm and attractive collection of her pottery and some beefy little tomato seedlings rapidly finding new homes, Springfield Vermont's own Ephraim Mt. Farm was on hand, and there was excellent live music by a local performer whose name will be edited in shortly.

There was a very busy Soap Bubble and Popcorn Station too, manned by the intrepid ladies of the Springfield High School Alumni Association, functioning as a fundraiser for the Great Springfield Alumni Week Parade that takes place a scant two weeks from today on June 26th.

When in Springfield, Vermont, in any fair weather, always remember to set aside Saturday Mornings for the Springfield Community Market in beautiful downtown Springfield, the Official Home of Homer Simpson.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Proud Day for Springfield Vermont's Most Famous Citizen - as noted in the New York Times

Homer is in the news again, making Springfield Vermont proud.

The piece in today's New York Times begins with this - "LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Beer-swilling, doughnut-lover Homer Simpson has been named the greatest character created for television and film in the past 20 years.

The star character of long-running U.S. cartoon series "The Simpsons" beat schoolboy wizard Harry Potter and vampire slayer Buffy to take top place in the survey for U.S. entertainment magazine Entertainment Weekly."

Read the full article by following the link below.