Friday, August 7, 2009

802music rocks Springfield Vermont - Fancy News

A new business opened today in downtown Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights and Official Home of the Simpsons! What a crowd was gathered at dusk today by the park on Main Steet for the opening of 802music! Bongo had no idea that there were so many young and youngish people looking for something to do in Springfield!
In a town with a Main Street that is lively enough but which has an appearance that hovers on the edge of moribund, and which has at least one major landmark burned out but stabilized and boarded over, it is nothing less than a pleasure to see a Grand Opening occur, complete with real crowds and loads of bumping energy. This new business, 802music, is special for another most critical reason, it gives the local music-centric youth element in town a sorely needed venue, a multipurpose performance space that obviates the dreary drive out to bigger towns or to Boston or Montreal for a fix of night life (and, quite importantly, saving the bleary-eyed drive home at dawn as well).
Symptomatic of a general revitalizing that is bound to occur here sooner or later, 802music arrives at a wonderful time in the cycle of economic collapse, providing one small incentive to the local youth to stay in town, if not for life, at least for Saturday night. And as far as any general revitalizing momentum goes, this opening party augers well for the positive future that so many hope comes to Springfield, Vermont, sooner than later.
The main operatives at 802music, Acadia Cutschall and David Hinkley, were understandably upbeat, as the party mood was delicious, and the turnout was excellent - many attendees wore colorful outfits and coifs, and the mood was almost "East Village-y". One might expect to observe as well some degree of special atmospherics and beer, but there was none in evidence and no one seemed to notice the absence at all, as a pure and simple fun time was under way powered by sheer adrenalin and the energy from the live stage act.
When asked about their operating premise and plans for the future, Acadia Cutschall and David Hinkley were eager to see themselves and 802music as agents of change in Springfield, Vermont, noting in especial their ability to provide for the ready-made audience that they surely will make their own. Acadia went on to point out that after having been away for a time, she felt she was returning to a subdued Springfield, and she feels that in serving the youth scene in Southern Vermont, 802music can be a real factor in the revitalizing process here.
They were also eager to explain their intention to blend in and partner with other local business. For example they are in talks with recently re-opened Penelope's over the prospect of combining to offer a kicky travelling dinner theater type of combination deal, wherein the prospective guests would be buying a package that offered the dinner itself at Penelope's and the subsequent entertainment across the street in the 802music locale. David and Acadia have done their partnering homework to be sure, as they have an arrangement with CCV and with the River Valley Tech Center that pairs up Recreation and Hospitality interns with 802music, to the benefit of all involved.
Acadia and David also described the 802music offerings as including other things besides musical performances, such as making the space available for lesson space, for shows, parties or for other musical or theatrical events.
802music will no doubt be well-received by the community, and they are prepared to meet any criticism or calamitous occurrence with a diplomatic attitude that is sure to win over any crank who might be inclined to grouse at all the good, clean fun happening it's brains out on weekend evenings.
For further information, contact 802music by calling 800•395•6815, or visit them on the web at URL MySpace/802musicspringfield.
Rock on Springfield!