Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rumors of "home for prison overflow sex offenders" in downtown Springfield Vermont turn out to be greatly exagerated.

No one of the people crying out about a possible "home for prison overflow sex offenders" came forward with any facts, so Bongo sent out a fact finding mission that returns with more concrete information - from principals at the Turning Point (adjoining the busy work site that will house the facility that has everyone up in arms), here in Springfield Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons and Jewel of the Upper Valley, and the news is far more mundane than the rumor suggest. It seems to transpire that what is happening here is the result of a generous donation by an older citizen who has left the area for the swampy weather down South, she has given the Turning Point a building to use for their work with people who are reclaiming their lives, nothing more.
The building itself has been expertly taken apart into several components, and a fine foundation has been poured for it, the only casualty seems to be the sacrifice of the mature pines that sadly had to be removed to make room for this new work that is simply the very same Turning Point that has been a discrete and quiet neighbor for some time now.
Bongo says to put back your pitchforks and turn down the heat under that vat of steaming tar folks, whoever you are with those rumors.
All is well in Springfield, Vermont.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fancy News - Stick Season

Stick Season is upon the land, and with it, the seasonal appearance of Stick Stalkers - first cousins to the Leaf Peepers who have only just left, leaving in their wake a chaos that defies description, and taking with them numerous photographs, drawings, water colors, and even samples, some pressed between sheets of waxed paper and lost in the back of Vista Cruisers, some not.

Ahh, Stick Season in Springfield, Vermont, when the Stick Stalkers come to stop and stare at sticks in all their glory, in that short window of time that is theirs - after the giddiness and frivolity of the great mayhem of the Leafy Time, between then and before the advent of the snows of Winter - Stick Season.

The New Bridge in Springfield Vermont is Zipping Right Along - Fancy News!

A welcome development, progress on the new work for one very important bridge crossing in Springfield, Vermont.

Soon all of the activity will be over, the casual driver will forget from day to day that there was so much hard work put into executing this welcome re-building, but the pictures and the actual worksmanship remain to tell their story to the inquiring mind.

Last of the Fall Colors in Springfield Vermont

If one were to look for a fool-proof font of Fall foliage, one would soon find the Ornamental Pear Tree. There are several in Springfield, Vermont, and each one produces a marvelous show of color every Autumn.

When the Sugar Maples are already turning bright and vivid, the Pear continues a robust green, and when the other deciduous trees have pretty much made the transition into Stick Season, the Pear Tree continues to display a full head of silver dollar sized shields in tones varying from green to yellow to sharpest crimson.

Even today, when there is no other remaining dried out leaf on a tree (unless it has been appropriated and incorporated into a crafty dwelling for some insect), the Pear Tree can be seen here or there that continues to shine red and gold in a clear late-Autumn day in Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights, Jewel of the Upper Valley.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How funny it is to travel and "go native"

Apparently it was a first venture into the Wilderness for this liberal arts major, who went native as soon as she had a chance to change her shoes.

Ahhh, tourists - it's always "tourist season" in Springfield, Vermont!

(You Can Support the Research and Developement of Humane Touristic Resources Management by purchasing this image as a 4"x6" sized print or as a boxed set of notecards - follow the link to, thanks)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Redheads along the Connecticut near Springfield, Vermont

This is perfect fur coat weather for those of us who sport our own all year long. Near Springfield, Vermont, there are many farms that are post card perfect to view, even while aimlessly motoring along in a large open car, under the legal speed limit of course, and very carefully considering the chipmonks, and with amazing restraint considering the 5.8 liters teasing to be set free - who says that there's no fun in Vermont?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taking time to admire the color

Yes, there is much afoot in Springfield, Vermont, but one must take a moment to enjoy the small stuff, here then for you a couple or three or four fotos of local color ...