Monday, August 29, 2011

Springfield Vermont bids farewell to Irene.

A quiet five minutes, rivers rushing brown and frothy but otherwise no Irene chaos except where the tail wags, just river views and a baby Snapping Turtle - una tortuga perdida, vistas de los rios locales, pero poco se nota que ha pasado un hurracan.

Springfield Vermont is High and Dry after Irene passes by (but barely) - but our neighbors suffer the wrath of the storm

The damage is done. Here are three videos by videographer, showing a sad moment in local history, the destruction by Irene of the now sadly missed Bartonsville Covered Bridge.

Here the river surges, threatening the old wooden covered bridge

Here the river quickly tears out the covered bridge

the river runs on, driven by Irene

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Springfield Vermont - Another local landmark is refurbished nicely.

Springfield Vermont - Another local landmark is refurbished nicely.

The old cross on the steeple of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church has been replaced, they have press releases and links to other coverage on their website.

The expert work was executed by Old Time Restoration of Winchendon, Mass.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Springfield Vermont - random video notes

Adjust your volume settings before playing this video, in order to avoid one unfortunate abrupt music mis-edit at the beginning.

Atención al volumen, las faltas de este video inluyen fallos en la musica de fondo.

This is a work that will remain unfinished, but it is here anyway, as a snapshot of the Summer of 2011 in Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights and Official Home of the Simpsons, shot and edited by Edward Huse, for

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Springfield Vermont Has a New Old Fashioned Box Cantilever Bridge - Fancy News

Springfield Vermont has a brand spankin' new, old-fashioned box cantilever bridge in the works. Fancy News indeed, and a pleasure to watch the able crew briskly put together the huge set of elements that is enough to make any grown child regard with a bittersweet envy the delicious fun of assembling the shiny, zinc-dipped construction. One worker took a moment to describe succinctly the meaning behind all the activity, what with the electric lines being played with and the sudden appearance of a giant Tinker Toy set - this is available on the video, please see it here, and for a feel of the part that that original bridge played in the local context, see this too.

La novedad de un puente nuevo, hecho a mano y que no sea "a lo barato", es algo increible de observar, y vale comentar. Este puente, el antiguo, ha sido ya el tema de un video (aqui) que se trata de la parte que tiene en la vida local.
Hoy han parado los trabajadores para explicar en breve el cambio que efectuan, que consiste de quitar el puente antiguo y colocar con una grua el nuevo puente que fabrican en su lugar, un puente muy semejante, y muy agradable a la vista por eso - se ve aqui.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011