Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Officially Spring in the Official Home of the Simpsons, Springfield, Vermont

So many indicators are in the air, telling us that Spring has arrived, that it is impossible to miss. But in case you weren't sure yet, the sound of the Good Humor Ice Cream truck is back, not the same old Good Humor man of course, some things really are gone, but one local entrepreneur has revived the tradition of the ice cream truck, to the joy of children and adults everywhere in Springfield, Vermont, here we see a stop, a tableau vivant inadvertently recreating the past as well as providing a pleasant present moment. A turn 'round the corner after taking this shot, showed the trail of smiles left in the wake of Springfield's Motorized Ice Cream Vendor.

And you really know that Winter is over when they bring out the big dogs! Here a few citizens, with and without tails, enjoy an afternoon promenade in the Sun in front of McKinley's and Haircuts Just Around the Corner, in downtown Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights and Jewel of the Upper Valley.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rookie Anaesthetiste on Routine Survey in Springfield Vermont Alarms Earthlings? Fancy News

Are the reports to be believed? - rumors of a bumbling Rookie anaesthetiste (many of them train in France) on an alien survey team, who in confusing procedures and equipment settings, alarms local earthlings, and otherwise creates general uproar, making a hash of what should be a routine survey of Springfield Plaza, in Springfield, Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons and Jewel of the Upper Valley?
Can it be, that during what should have been a routine visit to collect images and rare metal oxides from one of the most interesting commercial zones of Springfield, Vermont, something was incorrectly calibrated in the "somatic component" (SC) of the real time incursion protocol (hence the theory of the rookie anaesthetiste accompanying the team), and that the result was that instead of a general feeling of inattention and sleepiness, a general feeling of malaise accompanied by a touch of simple nausea was experienced by one and all local earthlings in any part of the commercial building housing various commercial establishments?

Rumors of ham-handed alien survey teams aside, one thing is certain, that there were several emergency vehicles from theSpringfield Fire Department, briskly attending to crowd control and tending to citizens affected by the mysterious event that some think was a simple gas leak of some sort. Things were well under control, and it can be assumed that a very thorough and professional inspection of the physical plant within was well under way.
When asked, one citizen said that "the bank ladies" had just told her that they were all suddenly overcome by a sense that there was a gas leak, although they did not smell gas per se, but that they quickly found that they were all feeling nauseous. They quickly went outside, only to find that everyone else on the block was coming outside to the sidewalk for the same reason.

There was also at the same time that this happened, the arrival of a helicopter from the North East, to touch down and wait at the Springfield Hospital Helipad, there to collect a passenger (rather than delivering a tragedy for a change), however the pilot was unable to corroborate the rumors of an alien survey team botching a routine survey of Springfield Mall, in Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There's a Hiatus Among Us - Fancy News in Springfield Vermont

Julie would like everyone to know that Haircuts Just Around the Corner at Main and Summer in downtown Springfield, Vermont, everyone's favorite friendly place for a regular haircut without sartorial surprises (yes, sartorial surprises, you know what I mean, tee hee), is going to be briefly shuttered for a few short weeks in Spring.

The dates:
Last day of business before the break - March twentieth
First day of business after the break - May fourth

Bermuda? Bali? No, nothing so exotic as a cruise or a safari is in the works, in fact the reason for the temporary closure is far more sobering to regard, as the proprietress, Julie, is having hip replacement surgery.
According to the usually reliable medical authorities and the spokesman from the Mayo clinic, Julie is an excellent candidate for what is really almost a routine procedure (major surgery it is, but as common as a root canal), and everyone looks forward to a successful outcome that brings Julie right back in the saddle before the last Daffodil says g'bye. Watch this space, or keep an eye on Julie's, for the occasional update or note from Julie herself, as she breezes through boredom and rehab, readying herself to re-open Haircuts Around the Corner - famous in Springfield Vermont and beyond for the classic walk-in haircut experience, and for kid glove home service.
Now if only this doesn't throw a wrench in the works for the revival of the March of the Paperwhites, everything will be fine indeed! One can only hope, and pray for Magic.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the March of the Paperwhites - Fancy News from Springfield Vermont

Is there a revival in the air of the Annual March of the Paperwhites? - Fancy News from Springfield Vermont

Is it true, is there in fact a plan afoot to bring back that old time-honored tradition, the annual "March of the Paperwhites" through downtown Springfield, Vermont?

Celebrating the Paperwhite Narcissus as one of Nature's lovelier heralds of the advent of Springtime, the Annual March of the Paperwhites long marked the beginning of the busy New England Spring for many generations of Springfielderians and other woodchucks and flatlanders - people still speak in awe of Ann Smith's prize winning Paperwhite Sorbet back in '58, and who can forget the many triumphs on the dance floor of the Black River Pavilion, late in the evening, long after the new Princess of the Paperwhites and her little Court were tucked away in Dreamland.

And who can forget the year that Miss Dusty Springfield surprised the boys when she climbed onstage to join them in a round of haying songs and a few choice bits from the Connecticut River Ring Cycle - was she the prettiest Paperwhite Princess that almost was?

As for Bongo, he certainly loves Paperwhites, gently braised, or poached and served with a mustardie bernaise.