Friday, October 30, 2009

Restoration Successfully Completed, the Paddock Street Bridge Re-opened to Great Fanfare - Fancy News.

Our very own Steel Truss Bridge, a rare parallelogram example at that, originally built by the Boston Bridge Works Company in the heady airs of 1929, has been smartly refurbished and now sports a fine glossy coat of black paint and a spanking-new road surface complete with reflective lines in a kind of "safety orange-y yellow", in the opinion of Bongo, who knows about these things.

"Any Color As Long As It Is Black!"

Contrary to the nay sayers, Springfield, Vermont's Paddock Street Bridge is a beauty and pays for itself everytime it presents it's crisp angles as a background to the changing seasons in the surrounding wood, reminding us of a time not too far away when trains roamed.

Springfield, Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons, is proud of this industrial artifact, which has become a National Historic Landmark - another Jewel in the Crown of the Upper Valley.

Hey, wait a minute ... !