Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fancy News - Fancy Trees!

Autumn, even the Springfield, Vermont, Recycling Center, a fine place to visit any day, is especially resplendent in the warm light cast through the stand of Maples ruddy with Autumn's special blush.

And what a day it was today, the lush moist atmosphere was intoxicating the last days of full arborial color explosions (it rained all day), interesting to be sure, but, while waiting on a small task at the recycling center, one observed citizen after citizen exclaiming pleased surprise and great relief to hear from the very obliging attendent the fine and fancy news that henceforth the Recycle Center will finally accept a wider range of plastics, from every numbered type including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - and yes - even 7!

The attendant was happy to recite the Good News over and over, luxuriating in the repetition of the passage that included comments to the effect that "And we don't sort it here anymore either, it goes to the vendor just like this!" As ever, all plastics brought for recycling must be rinsed and have no tops on, but this change is applauded loudly (in a Vermontlische way) by all. One citizen was clearly heard to exclaim "Hurray! No more sorting plastics and throwing away half of them anyway!! Yay!"