Friday, September 5, 2008

Fancy News - Voila ici folks!, le famous snap-disc, Woo-hoo tout le monde!

Recently, I walked into a prominent piece of commercial architecture with great 1970's era signage proclaiming their confident posture as suppliers of electric parts and supplies, this while looking for a simple electric switch. Located as prominently as they are (on a big shopping drag strip in another "old milltown-turned-shopping-mall", in the midst of re-inventing itslef yet again, over the Connecticut River in New Hampshire, yes everyone shops there), and for as big a deal as they make of their claim to do business as an electrical supply outfit, they failed miserably when asked for a snap-disc type fan control switch that should be a cheap and common item of the most basic design and manufacture, typically stored in bins like pop-corn, pre-set at the factory. Luckily, I came across reference to the item - as produced by - the reader may like to look for grainger part no. 2E245 on their easy to use online catalogue. Grainger is based in Iowa, entirely, with a friendly and helpful 24 hour telephone switchboard, and they were a snap to deal with for this kind of thing. I would recommend them to anyone. Este es el mecanismo, sencillo y eficaz, que abre y cierra el circuito electronico que manda el ventilador en el colector de aire caliente solar - que por fin lo pude encontrar, (despues de encontrarme con muchas caras estupificadas en tiendas normales), en una tienda virtual que no acaba de agradar, los, vale, ya voy a poder terminar estas cosas por fin!! Update - the order shipped out within minutes, as I found out when I called a scant four minutes later to add to the order; it arrived today in a "Jiffy" Padded #2 Cushioned Mailer, Monday following, while I was out for lunch! Everyone is pleased.