Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fancy News - New Tree Boxes Make First Appearance! ... Hey, wait a minute!

Update: it seems that the logistics and engineering aspects of one tree box were too insurmountable for our town to overcome, and the neat little tree box is no more folks, oh well, it was too much to ask drivers to turn the wheel when parking or re-entering the traffic lane. Geesh!

There is a new tree boxe on Main Street, in lovely downtown Springfield, Vermont, Home of the Simpsons - one is in the picture here. It was right on time for a walkabout by a pack of legislators and a news crew, and it is way right on time for the citizens of this happy dale, who are as pleased as punch to see that soon there will be a fine new tree on Main Street! Some people have expressed dismay to see one of the twenty or so main parking spaces replaced by the tree bump. Even more amazingly, some find in the change a daunting obstacle to convenient maneuvering while removing from the adjacent parking space - to these timid souls I point out the big round thing on a stick that sits right in front of them when they are seated at the controls trying to park or de-park, it is called a steering wheel, and if they grab and turn it gingerly and with premeditated caution, while applying alternate breaking and accelerating pressure, they will find that the car can be made to go around it! A new tree for Main Street!