Friday, June 27, 2008

Fancy News -New Paving in Springfield, Vermont

Mm-m, New Paving!!!

The spankin' new granite curb stones are mighty fine looking and well-set but the proof of quality is often in the details that will be hidden from view ... nice work!

Now that the sidewalks are re-constructed, the people who run around in big, bulky, bobble-headed costumes portraying Simpsons characters won't trip that often, especially on their way to Jake's Market!

Seriously, you could have knocked this observer over with a fiddlehead the other day, when something no one ever expected to see suddenly happened, (certainly no one expected to see any new paving hereabouts any time soon, after hearing rumors that the town dropped the ball on the deal to resurface Springfield's streets as part of the deal that stuck us with a state jail and all the negativity that that entails).
I waited a day or two to see if the mirage evaporated, but it is real, and after talking to the road crew I find that indeed, significant portions of the embarrasing and irksome dry stream beds called Park Street and Union Street are being resurfaced, and this includes the sidewalks! -even on the block that has them on both sides!
Maybe this is one reason why our property tax bills went up by about a million percent recently - forcing many to choose between paying taxes and paying a heating bill of course (that reminds me, it is time to watch for spikes in the sales of bailing wire, I am told it is the preferred method by rural folk who have reached the end of the rope, ugh).

Here are Springfield's Other Finest, the road crews who actually manage to do real work with such a situation, bungled by such inept pikers - they take not a little grief from citizens who are distressed enough to complain to any captive audience (no matter how inappropriate, imagine, complaining to the workers about the streets, geesh they need to get on the horn to the town and to the state about it!).
Here they are seen interrupting their well-deserved coffee break just to assure nervous passing motorists that this is real work, not a mirage, and certainly not any bizarre illusion that they risk losing themselves in if they pass - Yes Springfield, Vermont, Home of the Simpsons, you are really getting New Paving on Several Hundred Yards of City Streets, some of it with New Sidewalks, ¡ON BOTH SIDES!