Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My First River Otter Sighting Ever in Springfield's Black RIver!

I was driving by the Fellows Gear Shaper building this morning, admiring the flock of Mallards that increases every year, and noticed that they had a visitor. I parked and shot out with my camera, in plenty of time to be sure that this was not a Beaver at all but a River Otter! He was waddling out of the water at the ice edge to get to the food that people drop to the Ducks, and rolled around whipping his fat tail - like an Otter. He was apparently done with his visit. While I waited on the new bridge, I spoke with a fellow who had also been watching him with other patients and staff - from inside. I was told by this citizen witness, that the Otter had spent the last twenty minutes on the ice grooming himself and playing, and only marginally irritating the Ducks. What a wonderful promise for the New Year, that the River is recovering nicely and that the animals are returning.