Friday, November 1, 2013

New MacDonald's in Springfield, Vermont, is a pleasant exercise in understatement

The new MacDonald's fast food restaurant in Springfield, Vermont, went up and opened very expeditiously. Happily, it is a pleasant exercise in understatement that doesn't offend nearly as much as other such venues have, even the old boulders have been used thoughtfully in the new landscaping. A recent visit found a place bustling with activity, nicely designed to afford a choice view to those who dine in, and cleverly laid out in order to allow two parties to place orders at the same time, from twin drive-up windows in the back - where much care has been given to landscaping that begins to acknowledge the nice placement along the Black River. The speaker systems in the twin outdoor kiosks are quite amusing, as they allow the listener to hear the activity in the restaurant where the operator is working - yesterday the dialogue between the clerk and the trainer was very illuminating, to say the least. After a few moments, the entire transaction was complete - including the smiling hand-off of the purchase. To be sure, it is still MacDonald's, but it has to be said that they did a pretty good job rebuilding it, here in Springfield, Vermont. - Edward Huse photos by Edward Huse, 2013