Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fancy News - Springfield Vermont tests Fire Department's new "dry hydrant" system, on the beautiful Downtown Riverfront of Springfield, Vermont.

Everything is popping in Springfield, Vermont. Today traffic was backed up in historic proportions, due to all the progress - heavy machines are producing changes beneath the pavement surrounding the Movie Theater as it approaches it's Grand Opening date, and Springfield's other finest, the Springfield Fire Department, was busy testing the new addition to the fire suppression system, a dry hydrant, serving Downtown and the developments at 100 River Street.

Springfield's Fire Chief, Russ Thompson, was on hand to give a brief explanation of the dry hydrant component of our fair town's fire suppression system, as recorded for you here -

Visit www.springfieldvtfire.org for more information.

This should definitively put to rest the rumors - rumors that erupted "like mushrooms in the far meadow after a moon-lit night" after the Black River was diverted one day late last Summer (supposedly to relocate the lost riverwalk access to the legendary long lost cheese caverns of Springfield, Vermont, where a particularly fine Cheddar was said to be produced long ago, long before the trade was outsourced) - rumors to the effect that a "siphoning wash" was necessary to clear the subterranean passages of the still operable cheese caverns, and so allow the secretly resurrected cheese makers guild to resume their historic duties, which all know to be to produce the best Cheddar, along with a marvelous Stilton, and a surprisingly naughty Parmesiano for grating.