Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fancy News - Springfield Vermont's Theater Delights in the Exquisite Ministrations of Master Craftsmen!

Lament not the passing of that hideous storefront that once clung to the entrance of the Springfield Theater like the stench of Hai Karate and polyester, it is gone of course, having succumbed to the harsh actions of fire and fire crews some years ago. The one bright thing about that absurd fire was the revelation of what remained of the modest 1920's era Pseudo-Indiana Limestone (cast concrete) facade that was hacked away sometime in the 1960's or so.

Celebrate the arrival of Alan Barr, proprietor of Stone Details, and Leslie Fry, the artists who have begun the delicate methodical work of restoring the limestone facade.

This work will only benefit from the careful search for period photographs that display any details of the original limestone facade. Even blurry, incomplete or otherwise marginal images can contain valuable information, as the original work may have been produced from then-existing copy books - if so, then if there is enough of a hint in an image it could be possible to research the original design.

Certainly, some among us still treasure a photograph snapped with a Brownie on a sunny afternooon long ago, taken with the backdrop of the facade of the Springfield Theater, after a matinee performance, long, long ago.

Please pass the word to your friends and neighbors, and quickly, the work is in progress and needs every bit of help for recreating the missing details!

What a great opportunity to participate in the revitilization of Springfield, Vermont - City of Lights, Official Home of the Simpsons, and Jewel of the Upper Valley.