Friday, June 25, 2010

Preparing for the Parade? Please note the following details ...

Everyone is busy readying for the Event - Springfield Vermont's Springfield High School Alumni Association will present the 56th Annual Alumni Day tomorrow, Saturday, June 26, 2010. Brush-up your fez, polish that antique fender, and charge your camera batteries, tomorrow's parade will be a corker.

Attendees and visitors will be glad to know the following informal, unofficial, but probably accurate information.

On the morning of the Parade, at 1000 HOURS, ALL southbound traffic on Route 106 and westbound traffic on Route 11 WILL be shut down, in preparation of the Parade commencing at 1030 hours. The only exception will be those motorists needing to drop someone off that will be in the Parade.

The Parade will start this year on Clinton Street by the former Bryant Grinder Corporation Facility. The Parade will then proceed west from Clinton Street and will continue onto Main Street. The Parade will then continue on Main Street, onto River Street. The Parade will then continue out River Street, and will turn towards Chester Road. The Parade will then end at Riverside Middle School.

Cars approaching from North Springfield will detour around the Parade route in the following manner: Turn onto Mill Road, to Main Street, to Elm Street, to Fairground Road, to Chester Road, to Park Street, to Union Street, to South Street, to Seavers Brook Road, to Route 11.

Cars approaching from Route 11 heading west will follow the above routes in opposite order of the above to get around the Parade route.

Parking will involve a little walking to the Parade route, no matter where you leave the car, but if you park on Mineral Street you get to walk over Comptu Falls, and if you arrive early you may get a space on Main Street or Clinton Street before they are closed off.

Avoid the rush, arrive early to peruse the offerings at the Springfield Community Market in the parking lot between McKinley's Restaurant and Chittenden Bank, in the heart of Springfield, Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons, and Jewell of the Upper Valley.

While you're here for the Parade, don't forget, there is the Springfield High School Association Alumni fun at Riverside Middle School, the Open House at No. Springfield's North School, and Family Day at Precision Valley Fish & Game's target range in Perkinsville!
See this link for more event info, from the Springfield High School Alumni Association.

Who says there's no fun in Vermont?