Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There's a Hiatus Among Us - Fancy News in Springfield Vermont

Julie would like everyone to know that Haircuts Just Around the Corner at Main and Summer in downtown Springfield, Vermont, everyone's favorite friendly place for a regular haircut without sartorial surprises (yes, sartorial surprises, you know what I mean, tee hee), is going to be briefly shuttered for a few short weeks in Spring.

The dates:
Last day of business before the break - March twentieth
First day of business after the break - May fourth

Bermuda? Bali? No, nothing so exotic as a cruise or a safari is in the works, in fact the reason for the temporary closure is far more sobering to regard, as the proprietress, Julie, is having hip replacement surgery.
According to the usually reliable medical authorities and the spokesman from the Mayo clinic, Julie is an excellent candidate for what is really almost a routine procedure (major surgery it is, but as common as a root canal), and everyone looks forward to a successful outcome that brings Julie right back in the saddle before the last Daffodil says g'bye. Watch this space, or keep an eye on Julie's, for the occasional update or note from Julie herself, as she breezes through boredom and rehab, readying herself to re-open Haircuts Around the Corner - famous in Springfield Vermont and beyond for the classic walk-in haircut experience, and for kid glove home service.
Now if only this doesn't throw a wrench in the works for the revival of the March of the Paperwhites, everything will be fine indeed! One can only hope, and pray for Magic.