Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Springfield Vermont's Resident Ducks Explore New Territories

"Why yes, in point of fact I am indeed a duck."

The Springfield Plaza, located on a bow of the Black River just upstream from Springfield, Vermont's famous Duck Beach, is an inviting area to reconnoiter for at least one adolescent Mallard Duck - this fellow was seen yesterday having a walkabout about and in front of the grocery store and Von Bargen's Jewelry store - (a far more welcome sight than the poorly maintained motorcycle that has been seen to drop in front of the showcase window on at least one occasion). Easily drawn into conversation, this Mallard was led by one obliging store clerk to the green near Dr. Fauver's dental practice, where he (the Mallard, not everyone's favorite dentist, Dr. Fauver) finally took flight, making a bee-line to his more familiar surroundings.

[Dear reader, be sure to continue, and read the way-amusing story told in the comment here ... ]

Ed F said...

You should have been there in the Plaza with your camera on Alumni day when noted local livestock personality Bongo the goat was temporarily left alone outside Shaw's supermarket. His handler went into the store briefly to purchase some liquid refreshment. Bongo soon discovered the automatic door opener and took full advantage of it, heading straight for the glorious display of fresh produce. He immediately proceeded to chomp away at all the healthy goodies before him. Stunned employees had to learn goat wrangling techniques on the spot to avert disaster and get Bongo pushed back out the door. His handler unaware of what was happening, the produce section can't be seen from check-out. They should have put that security cam video up on YouTube!

A video showing Bongo getting into mischief at the Simpsons movie premiere can be viewed here: