Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catastrophic Failure Strikes the Operations Center at!

It is the sad day in Springfield, Vermont, here at the Control Center of
The venerable old Mac G4 733 Mhz Digital Audio Tower that has been the primary computer for much of all this blather, seems to have experienced a final, possibly devastating, catastrophic failure of some internal organ or system or other complex tissue. Changing the little 2150 1/2 AA battery had no effect, so that it becomes more likely that the power supply itself, or some other major component, has gone to sleep forever. This is almost to be expected sooner or later in a nine year old Mac, which up until last night has been completely dependable (though more and more jiggy of late) - I wonder, how many winbox units make it this far?
The recent demise of the honored MacGuru, (a fellow former spook proficient in the MacArts) makes one chary of attempting surgery on this one alone, or of taking a chance on another older mac without guidance, so the best thing is to take this to be a sign from the gods that it is time to just plunk down for a new Mac, and be done with it - the shopping has begun at in earnest and it feels very self-indulgent and excessive in this era of declines in art sales.
In June, and again in August, there are going to be announcements or releases that may make a difference, so it behooves the Mac shopper to wait a few weeks, hmmm.

Update - the new Mac is about to arrive, the online tracking thing indicates that it is on a Fedex truck and nearby, and all is ready for the un-boxing. The new baby is a brand spankin' new Mac Pro, purchased online, welcome to the twentifirst century!

Jolin, se me ha muerto el viejo amigo, el Mac de siempre, un ejemplar del anyo 2000, el llamado G4 733 Mhz Digital Audio PPC, que ha sido Feroz y Valiente.
No quiere despertar!, y, tocando su boton magico da apenas una luz febril - pero sin empezar a despertar y lanzar su sonido de "bong!" Vaya pena, pero ha servido casi diez anyos y ya esto debe ser un mensaje enviado de los dioses, una senyal de que es hora de comprar un mac nuevo por fin. Y por primera vez en tanto tiempo tambien, cuanto lio es ir de compras!
La tienda de es una tienda de golosinas, es dificil escoger, pero lo mas probable es encontrar una ganga comprando un Mac Pro en la parte de "Refurbished", donde la casa Apple vende de nuevo ordenadores que han sido devueltos por diferentes razones. Los revisan, haciendo lo necesario para componerlos bien incluso con todo lo que se espera de una compra de un articulo o sistema nuevo, y los venden con la misma garantia que dan con ordenadores nuevos. Ó compro un Mac Pro asi, ó compro un iMac nou con "graphics card" 4850 - y prou.

dia 24 de Junio - asi estim, esperando la llegada en cualseból minut del nuevo Mac Pro, un mac-ote formidable, no puedo con la anticipación, debo tomar mas café ...