Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rookie Anaesthetiste on Routine Survey in Springfield Vermont Alarms Earthlings? Fancy News

Are the reports to be believed? - rumors of a bumbling Rookie anaesthetiste (many of them train in France) on an alien survey team, who in confusing procedures and equipment settings, alarms local earthlings, and otherwise creates general uproar, making a hash of what should be a routine survey of Springfield Plaza, in Springfield, Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons and Jewel of the Upper Valley?
Can it be, that during what should have been a routine visit to collect images and rare metal oxides from one of the most interesting commercial zones of Springfield, Vermont, something was incorrectly calibrated in the "somatic component" (SC) of the real time incursion protocol (hence the theory of the rookie anaesthetiste accompanying the team), and that the result was that instead of a general feeling of inattention and sleepiness, a general feeling of malaise accompanied by a touch of simple nausea was experienced by one and all local earthlings in any part of the commercial building housing various commercial establishments?

Rumors of ham-handed alien survey teams aside, one thing is certain, that there were several emergency vehicles from theSpringfield Fire Department, briskly attending to crowd control and tending to citizens affected by the mysterious event that some think was a simple gas leak of some sort. Things were well under control, and it can be assumed that a very thorough and professional inspection of the physical plant within was well under way.
When asked, one citizen said that "the bank ladies" had just told her that they were all suddenly overcome by a sense that there was a gas leak, although they did not smell gas per se, but that they quickly found that they were all feeling nauseous. They quickly went outside, only to find that everyone else on the block was coming outside to the sidewalk for the same reason.

There was also at the same time that this happened, the arrival of a helicopter from the North East, to touch down and wait at the Springfield Hospital Helipad, there to collect a passenger (rather than delivering a tragedy for a change), however the pilot was unable to corroborate the rumors of an alien survey team botching a routine survey of Springfield Mall, in Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights.