Thursday, March 4, 2010

the March of the Paperwhites - Fancy News from Springfield Vermont

Is there a revival in the air of the Annual March of the Paperwhites? - Fancy News from Springfield Vermont

Is it true, is there in fact a plan afoot to bring back that old time-honored tradition, the annual "March of the Paperwhites" through downtown Springfield, Vermont?

Celebrating the Paperwhite Narcissus as one of Nature's lovelier heralds of the advent of Springtime, the Annual March of the Paperwhites long marked the beginning of the busy New England Spring for many generations of Springfielderians and other woodchucks and flatlanders - people still speak in awe of Ann Smith's prize winning Paperwhite Sorbet back in '58, and who can forget the many triumphs on the dance floor of the Black River Pavilion, late in the evening, long after the new Princess of the Paperwhites and her little Court were tucked away in Dreamland.

And who can forget the year that Miss Dusty Springfield surprised the boys when she climbed onstage to join them in a round of haying songs and a few choice bits from the Connecticut River Ring Cycle - was she the prettiest Paperwhite Princess that almost was?

As for Bongo, he certainly loves Paperwhites, gently braised, or poached and served with a mustardie bernaise.