Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Officially Spring in the Official Home of the Simpsons, Springfield, Vermont

So many indicators are in the air, telling us that Spring has arrived, that it is impossible to miss. But in case you weren't sure yet, the sound of the Good Humor Ice Cream truck is back, not the same old Good Humor man of course, some things really are gone, but one local entrepreneur has revived the tradition of the ice cream truck, to the joy of children and adults everywhere in Springfield, Vermont, here we see a stop, a tableau vivant inadvertently recreating the past as well as providing a pleasant present moment. A turn 'round the corner after taking this shot, showed the trail of smiles left in the wake of Springfield's Motorized Ice Cream Vendor.

And you really know that Winter is over when they bring out the big dogs! Here a few citizens, with and without tails, enjoy an afternoon promenade in the Sun in front of McKinley's and Haircuts Just Around the Corner, in downtown Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights and Jewel of the Upper Valley.