Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camera Follies Continue

Well, if anyone is curious, it will amuse to know that there were two telephone calls recently from the repair center somewhere in Tennessee. In the first call, "Becky" states that she has the camera there in front of her in her work station and that she is about to begin replacing the broken parts. In the second call, "Pamela" calls to say that she too has the camera on her lap, but that she is still "waiting on the parts". I asked if that was comfortable or safe, and what did OSHA think about it, but that only confused the issue, so instead I asked her to check her computer to see why I had just gotten a call from "Becky" saying that the parts were there and that the repair was about to take place. After a while, I just asked "Peggy" to call if it ever did get finished.
A pizza is often free if it takes to long to be delivered, hmmm.