Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rumors of "home for prison overflow sex offenders" in downtown Springfield Vermont turn out to be greatly exagerated.

No one of the people crying out about a possible "home for prison overflow sex offenders" came forward with any facts, so Bongo sent out a fact finding mission that returns with more concrete information - from principals at the Turning Point (adjoining the busy work site that will house the facility that has everyone up in arms), here in Springfield Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons and Jewel of the Upper Valley, and the news is far more mundane than the rumor suggest. It seems to transpire that what is happening here is the result of a generous donation by an older citizen who has left the area for the swampy weather down South, she has given the Turning Point a building to use for their work with people who are reclaiming their lives, nothing more.
The building itself has been expertly taken apart into several components, and a fine foundation has been poured for it, the only casualty seems to be the sacrifice of the mature pines that sadly had to be removed to make room for this new work that is simply the very same Turning Point that has been a discrete and quiet neighbor for some time now.
Bongo says to put back your pitchforks and turn down the heat under that vat of steaming tar folks, whoever you are with those rumors.
All is well in Springfield, Vermont.