Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last of the Fall Colors in Springfield Vermont

If one were to look for a fool-proof font of Fall foliage, one would soon find the Ornamental Pear Tree. There are several in Springfield, Vermont, and each one produces a marvelous show of color every Autumn.

When the Sugar Maples are already turning bright and vivid, the Pear continues a robust green, and when the other deciduous trees have pretty much made the transition into Stick Season, the Pear Tree continues to display a full head of silver dollar sized shields in tones varying from green to yellow to sharpest crimson.

Even today, when there is no other remaining dried out leaf on a tree (unless it has been appropriated and incorporated into a crafty dwelling for some insect), the Pear Tree can be seen here or there that continues to shine red and gold in a clear late-Autumn day in Springfield, Vermont, City of Lights, Jewel of the Upper Valley.