Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theater Theatre - Fancy News!

Oh yes, the Springfield Theater, even if we don't daily drive by the burned out shell of this once almost proud icon of day-to-day life in beautiful Springfield, Vermont, still we all must remember it fondly, and from time to time we must have all wondered what will come of it, absent news of it's status from any responsible organ.

One would not be alone in asking, is it "Dead in the water"? And actually the answer is probably no, not really.
While it is an oft heard story, that the former owner of the now boarded over burned-out theater building at the heart of Springfield, Vermont's downtown, did at the time of the fire make a great show of bravely assuring everyone who would stop to listen, that they should not give in to despair, no, no not that, for they would soon rebuild the theater (and the fire-trap like warren of rabbit hutches above it no doubt), while this is oft mentioned, and while it is now widely rumored and accepted as fact by many that the owner seems indeed to have simply taken the insurance money and sold the smoking hulk to the town for a dollar, lol, what is not clear at all is the current status of the building.
Yes, everyone in town likes to laugh at that common knowledge, as of course they should, but far less is known or laughed about with regard to current status of the building that housed the theater where the Simpson's movie held it's earth-shaking gala world preview a few short years ago.
It seems that the work done recently to the building was merely to close it up and stabilize it, and that now the Town of Springfield, Vermont, is in the middle of a bidding process to have the interior construction commence.
It seems also that there has been an asbestos removal episode, and a cursory glance shows that some windows have been finally white-washed over, and that some have taken a few hits from rocks.
But at least Penelope's is back!

Update, conversations at Penelope's confirm, at least in some minds, the rumors that the Theater and it's host building will soon be in a new phase of renovation and re-birth!