Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fancy News - Adoption Fees Waived at Springfield Vermont Humane Society!

Need a cat?

They're giving them away without an adoption fee for a few more weeks at the Springfield animal shelter, here in Springfield, Vermont, Official Home of the Simpsons.
They have a select group of great candidates cats at the shelter (802.885.3997), who are all ready for new homes - these cats are all neutered, housebroken, and well-socialized.

There is another good reason today to free up space at your local animal shelter by adopting a rescued pet, because there are people in as much personal distress now, as a result of the quiet calamity that is our economic collapse, as there ever were from the natural disasters that have tested our security net in recent years. As happened then, people now are forced to give up beloved pets as they find themselves downsizing and moving about in unsettled times, searching to find a place to live on shrinking incomes.
Their pets deserve a place to be received as surrendered pets, but the capacity of places like TARPS (in Chester, Vermont) and of the Springfield Humane Society to accept these casualties is limited, depending not only on donors and volunteers, but the ability to take in new animals depends also on freeing up space by finding new homes for good pets. The only way to make room to help people forced to surrender pets, is for people to consider adopting another pet from TARPS or from the Springfield Humane Society, where they have been screened, neutered, brought up to date on their innoculations, etc, and where they have been observed and cared for by dedicated and professional staff and volunteers.

The reader inclined to do so should just go ahead and get a cat, or a comfortable pair like Ethan and Allen. Think about it, formulate a few questions, call your local shelter about it, and when you are ready to meet a new pet just go have a visit, sit with them and see who comes over to say hello. But don't wait too long, cats like Ethan and Allen don't grow on trees.

At least one friendly female of about 1.5 yrs old did get a new home yesterday!