Saturday, June 20, 2009

Springtime is for Horses in Springfield Vermont

Risha is out and about, enjoying the by-ways of the Official Home of the Simpsons. Here he is, taking the air in a brisk promenade along a wooded road in sunny downtown Springfield, Vermont, along with a friend who is more than pleased and proud with Risha's descretion in dealing with motor cars in this, his first outing in harness.
Este caballete se llama Risha. Aqui lo vemos paseando con su amiga, por una de las vias publicas de Springfield, Vermont, en lo que ha sido un dia perfecto de Primavera. La amiga queda pero muy orgullosa al ver que Risha mantiene su confianza ante los automóviles en esta, su primera vez llevando un traje con adornos y arreglos tan complicados.
[The brand spankin' new Official Mac will arrive next week from Blessed Cupertino, California, a process neatly expedited by "A" in clever and mysterious ways that are a delight to behold in operation. Meanwhile, the original Official Mac hovers between two worlds, and during today's episode of lucidity it has been possible to uncover some recent data and actually make this post.]