Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peter Shumlin speaks to voters in Springfield Vermont.

Vermont's Democratic candidate for the office of Governor, Peter Shumlin, joined by Steve Howard, Alice Nitka and Peter Welch and many others, met today with citizens of Springfield, Vermont, at what turned out to be a perfect, crisp Fall day on the grassy verge of Comptu Cascade Park. The backdrop included the silent factories, quietly brooding among ever more naked old trees, almost floating, lost in the bright late afternoon glare (like the ghosts of jobs offshored long ago), sitting there empty on the opposite shore of the now wild and raging Black River.

This close to the election day, Peter Shumlin took the time to mention the bald depravity of some parties in sending jobs offshore for decades, all the while claiming to create jobs.

And Mr. Shumlin touched on another fundamental point for voters to consider on the Second of November, that something as basic and important and traditional as the direct vote, the Direct Vote, that the direct vote is under assault, and that it is very important not to enable bad behavior by other parties who would eliminate, eliminate, the direct vote. That, dear reader, would be a tragic marker in the decline and passing of the Middle Class.

Please exercise your right to vote.