Sunday, September 27, 2009

Valencia by the Sea - Bongo does Spain

Fancy news indeed - from the thirteenth floor overlooking the Mediterranean Bongo takes in a salty air that reminds him of the days of seaborne traders, marauders, pirates and other adventurers who found places like Cullera and Calpe along the coast South of Valencia to be ideal harbors of convenience and of easy defence, not to mention comfortable for those who chose to stay. Spain was once the breadbasket of the Roman Empire, and Valencia was once the bread basket of Spain, the rich agricultural lands that are cultivated right up to the beach and right up to the most modern parts of town are testiment to that fact. It isn´t Springfield Vermont of course, it is a vacation after all, but Bongo feels almost at home here, except for the huge and distant vistas cross the cresty late Summer Seas, except for the charming lasses buzzing about on Vespas, except for the late night glasses of Virgen Malaga at after'hours flamenco bars.