Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fancy News! - Sugar Shacks are a-firing up all over, Sugaring has begun!

And about Springtime - Tropical beaches are certainly fine. Yes indeed, the Torrid Zones have their interesting attractions, but if you want to see the glory of Spring you need to travel North. In Vermont we see many sides of Spring, one of them is of course "Mud Season", for such a time of thawing and reawakening must include such a distinctive moniker, but the best part of Springtime is Sugaring Time, and it is starting right about now - if you need an excuse for a road trip this is it, come on down!

"Visitors Welcome" says the sign at Fair View Farm, and you can believe it. Scott, Dan and Craig Stevens are glad to see you and they are ready to tell you all about the process of turning Maple Sap into Maple Syrup - they are the proud fourth generation of a wonderful tradition and family operation here at Fair View Farm, producing the kind of natural product that is unique in the region (if not in the world), as Vermont has the most stringent controls in place to ensure that any maple syrup with the Vermont label is pure, unadulterated, and made the old fashioned way, almost literally.
Not to deride possibly lesser products in other States in the region or in Canada, but you have to know that there is a good, dare I say delicious, reason why one pays a premium for Maple Syrup made in Vermont.
To see the actual sugaring process, and to take home your own bottle of Vermont's Pure Maple Syrup you should visit "Fair View Farm" - just zip up good old Scenic Vermont Route 5 and immediatly North of the Springfield/Weathersfield Bow line you will find Fair View Farm, right next to all the spotted goats - catch them by chance or when the sap flows, (that boils down to chance too of course).
Who says there's no fun in Vermont?!?

The Stevens brothers have only just fired up the works in the last day or so, and they have not consulted with other farmers to see what the prices will be like yet, so keep posted for updates on prices and availability of this rare seasonal delight. is an email address.

El Jarabe de Arce es un azúcar naturál hecho de la savia de un arbol muy conocído por New England, el Maple - el Arce. Es muy diferente a lo que es un azúcar normal, y, por supuesto es un gusto adquirido, pero una vez apreciado, viene a ser imprescindible en asuntos de Pan Cakes. Claro, puede ayudar la dieta de muchas formas, y es un producto natural - desde luego, hay que ver que se sabe que el Jarabe de Arce hecho en Vermont, EEUU, es el mejor que produce la region, ya limitada, por la razón de que el gobierno de ese estado tiene muy controlada la calidad del producto. Preguntas?