Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fancy News - The Big Snow hits Springfield,Vermont - another classic nor'easter

There is a deep low point in the roadway of Rt 91 to the South of the Springfield, Vermont exit, on the way South near the northernmost exit for Bellows Falls. In fair weather it provides an exhilarating if mild rollercoaster thrill of g-forces and a great view, in Winter the unfolding approach of such a long, straight descent and equally long and straight climb, in icy conditions, is enough to chill the blood of the most accomplished Sunday driver. As one approaches this exit, travelling southbound, the roadway reaches the crest of the hill after a long climb, and if the drive uphill has been at full power, it is easy to notice the point at which the car ceases to labor and feels like it is ready to take off in flight. Unfortunately, many vehicles do come close to this - they lose traction at this very poetic point, and, with the extra lubricating effect of freezing weather on Winter road surfaces, more than one vehicle has lost control and tipped over among the fallen boulders in the sloping shoulder blasted from live rock. One was resting there today as a matter of fact, the latest victim of treacherous road conditions, and perhaps of cruise control as well.

Other than that, there were none of the usual upturned personal automobiles with New York plates or anything like that (that could be seen from the road anyway), the roads were kept clear by Mr. Henderson and his crews, and the landscape and urbanscape of this City of Lights - Springfield, Vermont - were like a Currier and Ives print, as befits the Official Home of the Simpsons.