Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fancy News - the Precision Valley abounds with fine old cars

Maybe it has to do with all the precision tool and die and other machine shop employees left behind when the factories were moved to places where people work for beans, but there certainly seem to be abundant and well-cared for antique roadsters in the area of Springfield, Vermont. Sera posible que a causa de que dejaron aqui los maquinistas cuando vendieron las fabricas, que hoy en dia hay tanto coche antiguo en Springfield, Vermont, aqui dos ejemplares.

Thermosyphoning properties aside, this is one fine ride to see up close, finished as it is in "solar collector flat black" and sporting a jaunty red plate that has a rack of animated skulls letting all know that "old guys rock". Este es un vehiculo privado del vecindario, buen ejemplo del cuido con que se mantienen los carros mascotas.

Here is one excellent Chevy - pampered by one of our local car whisperers and the people at Green Mountain Motors, purveyors of cherry rides in the valley.